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Josh is very caring about his patients. He has helped me with my balance, I can now walk straight by myself instead of always needing help. I Would recommend him highly to anyone with a balance issue. This office is not only filled with his expertise, but also a friendly environment.
March 1, 2016


I am so excited.. I have not felt this great since before my Vertigo started. Thank you Patty you took great care of me.

Debra B.

Super nice people who really care about their clients. Ron is fantastic working with my husband.


The BVC Center under Josh’s good therapy was a great support for me both physically and emotionally. After 6 months, I am back to my normal routine, enjoyment of life and I am not as fearful. He was there for exercise treatment , and extra phone calls as needed especially before trips. He was not only supportive, but also truthful about the “blips” that occur in the healing process — as other patients have experienced too — which originally made me feel discouraged and isolated. I am most grateful!


I am so happy that I found this office. I had repeated episodes of vertigo due to BPPV. It was interfering with my day to day activities and I was very frustrated. I came in and after one short session with Amy, the vertigo was gone. Amy was so knowledgeable and patient with me. I am very grateful to her.

Lisa M.

These folks are the experts! All of the therapists are very nice and caring and know their stuff. I have had a vestibular problem for years and none of the doctors could figure this out.I tried other physical therapy places- but they really centered on sports medicine with a touch of vestibular as their secondary expertise- or they gave me 12 home based exercises
which is debilitating to do in the beginning. Having Vertigo is very disabling and my life has been put on hold- socially and even enjoying vacations or travel. After one visit to Josh and faithfully doing the exercises at home I am 50 percent better! I am very grateful- know I have a road still to go- but now I can stand at a counter without feeling like I have to move to feel right. Less brain fog too. I can wake up in the middle of the night and not feel the waves! You fellow ones who suffer this disabling disease know what I mean and how Vertigo can take over your life. Thank you Josh- anyone with any doubts- try this place- you will be grateful

Susan R.

I came to them with BPPV and left with it cured after one session! I was amazed. Patricia was very attentive and helpful. They are the experts for sure. Highly recommend.

Sara K.

Josh Lurie, the owner and Physical Therapist at Balance and Vesibular Center has been a patient and caring teacher. He took time evaluating my needs and was patient in implementing my goals. I highly recommend Josh to all.

Barbara G.

I highly recommend BVC and specifically Joshua Lurie for treating the dizziness and balance issues associated with Post Concussion Syndrome.

I had been struggling with Post Concussion Syndrome for almost a year and was completely unable to live a normal life. The dizziness, balance issues, headaches and intense fatigue kept me from doing the simple things we all take for granted. I searched for answers for months, but none of my doctors, including my neurologist, could help.

During my first visit, Joshua Lurie gave me the answers I was so desperately seeking and within a few months, I had my life back.

Joshua is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and patient and at the forefront of treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome. I consider myself lucky to have found him.

Noelle C.