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BVC Physical Therapy is the only clinic in the San Fernando Valley dedicated to treating patients with a multitude of balance disorders and debilitating inner ear dysfunction. We also help patients with a wide range of neurologic disorders to maintain functional independence through customized strength and balance programs.

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Josh is very caring about his patients. He has helped me with my balance, I can now walk straight by myself instead of always needing help. I Would recommend him highly to anyone with a balance issue. This office is not only filled with his expertise, but also a friendly environment.
March 1, 2016

I am so happy that I found this office. I had repeated episodes of vertigo due to BPPV. It was interfering with my day to day activities and I was very frustrated. I came in and after one short session with Amy, the vertigo was gone. Amy was so knowledgeable and patient with me. I am very grateful to her.

Lisa M.

I came to them with BPPV and left with it cured after one session! I was amazed. Patricia was very attentive and helpful. They are the experts for sure. Highly recommend.

Sara K.

Josh Lurie, the owner and Physical Therapist at Balance and Vesibular Center has been a patient and caring teacher. He took time evaluating my needs and was patient in implementing my goals. I highly recommend Josh to all.

Barbara G.

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