Concussion Program

Balance & Vestibular Center is proud to offer our Sports Concussion Management Program to local schools and sports organizations. Our innovative program is designed to treat athletes who present with persistent symptoms following a concussion. The main objective of our program is to help athletes return to playing their sport sooner, due to our specific treatment protocol.

Our Sports Concussion Management Program includes baseline pre-screening for all sports teams using neurocognitive ImPact testing, which would be sponsored financially by BVC PT. If an athlete sustains a concussion during the season, they would undergo physical therapy treatment at BVC PT after being evaluated by the school or private physician (BVC PT can recommend appropriate physicians if needed). The physical therapy treatment at BVC is conducted by one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, which would be accessed through the athlete’s personal or school health insurance. All of our Doctors of Physical Therapy at BVC PT have specialized training in vestibular rehabilitation in order to facilitate faster recovery from concussion.

For more information please contact us at: or 818-213-2241

Overview of BVC Sports Concussion Management Program

Pre-injury ImPact tests¹ are administered to all participating sports team by Doctor of Physical Therapy at BVC PT Northridge facility or on campus

  • All ImPact tests are paid for by BVC PT

Athletes who experience a concussion are sent to BVC PT for an initial evaluation

  • Initial evaluation includes examination of the vestibular system, vision system, balance system, neck and assessment of symptoms
  • Post-injury ImPact test1 performed to further determine current deficits
  • Plan of Care determined by evaluating Doctor of Physical Therapy

Concussed athletes will undergo concussion rehabilitation

  • Sessions are 60-minute treatments with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Individualized, customized therapy that targets concussed athlete’s specific needs
  • Post-injury ImPact tests1 are administered as needed throughout concussed athlete’s program

Once symptom-free, concussed athlete is re-evaluated by sports physician for final return-to-sport decision

¹All ImPact tests are provided and paid for by BVC PT.

Benefits of Post-Concussion Rehabilitation

Students with post-concussive symptoms miss about 2x as many school days as those without

  • Students tend to miss 3-12 days of school following sports concussion

Vestibular rehabilitation can facilitate students returning to sport more than 3x faster after concussion than students who only receive physical and cognitive rest

Up to 90% of students suffering from post-concussive symptoms report worsening of academic performance

Up to 73% of concussed students receive academic adjustments

Phases of BVC Sports Concussion Management Program

Phase 1: Baseline pre-screening

  • ImPact Testing
  • Baseline measurement of vital signs
  • Balance and vestibular assessment
  • Cervical range of motion examination

Phase 2: Initial evaluation (Post-concussion)

  • ImPact Testing post-injury
  • Neck examination
  • Assessment of vestibular system, vision system, and balance system
  • Measurement of vital signs and post-concussive symptoms

Phase 3: Individualized Concussion Rehabilitation

  • Balance training: reset vestibulo-ocular and vestibulospinal reflexes
  • Sport-specific movements
  • Manual therapy to cervical region
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Sport-specific movements
  • ImPact Testing throughout program progression

Phase 4: Return to Sport

  • Athlete is symptom-free during sport-specific movements at BVC:
    • Athlete returns to sports physician for neurological examination post-rehabilitation for final return-to-sport decision