TeleHealth FAQ Page

The following are some frequently asked questions:

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the remote delivery of health care services and clinical information using communications technology, including the internet, wireless, satellite and phone media.

What are the benefits of Physical Therapy by Telehealth at BVC?

  • Access to our Doctors of Physical Therapy who specialize in difficult to treat Vestibular disorders. Vestibular trained therapists may not be available in your geographic location.
  • It’s convenient – receive physical therapy care from the comfort and privacy of your home or anywhere with connection to communications technology
  • It’s secure – our technology platform used for telehealth is HIPAA compliant, ensuring your private health information is protected.
  • It’s simple – all you need is a computer or any device with a camera and high-speed internet. We can also teleconference by phone if there is no access to a camera.

Telehealth during COVID-19

With intensifying concerns surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Telehealth has become of paramount importance to ensure the safety of patients and health care providers. It allows patients the opportunity to seamlessly continue their care while practicing social distancing, remaining in their home, and minimizing their exposure to the virus.

Am I Eligible for Telehealth?

As long as you are physically located in the state of California during your Telehealth visit, you are eligible.

Is Telehealth covered by insurance?

On March 18, 2020, the Department of Managed Health Care issued the following guidance: All commercial California insurers are required to cover medically necessary telehealth services, in the same manner, they cover in-person services. This currently does not include Medicare beneficiaries.

You can request a Telehealth PT appointment by Clicking Here or by giving us a call at (818) 232-4884. A member of our team will get back to you with instructions on how to connect with your therapist.